• Professional mobile stage rentals and stage audio services for bands, concerts, festivals, ceremonies, speakers, runways and more.

Mobile Stage Rentals in Tampa, FL

The world is your oyster, and we can help set the stage. our mobile stage rental in Tampa, FL allow you to rise above the crowd and can help ensure that your voice is heard and your presence is seen. Whether you’re looking to put on a local concert, are hosting a guest speaker (i.e. a politician), or whatever else, a portable or mobile stage could go a long way. If you’re looking for stage rentals and audio services in the greater Tampa, Florida area, we have both the equipment and skills that you need.
Mobile Stage Rentals in Tampa, FL

Stage Rentals in Tampa, FL

Providing and setting up portable, mobile stage rentals ranks among our most popular services. That said, we also help individuals and organizations with many other aspects of event management and hosting. We can also set up and manage sound equipment, ensuring top-notch acoustics, and making sure that performers and speakers can be heard loud and clear. Coda Sound has helped clients host:
  • Local festivals, fairs, and farmer’s markets
  • Indoor and outdoor concerts
  • Various ceremonies, including weddings and religious events
  • Public events hosted by cities and community leaders
  • Fashion shows (including setting up runways)
  • Events at car dealerships and other businesses across the Tampa area
The above covers just a portion of our offerings. We offer flexible services and can adjust to practically any environment. Get in touch if you want to learn more about how we can assist.

Event Management Partners You Can Rely On

Setting up an event takes a lot of work. We’ve helped countless individuals and organizations in Tampa host concerts, speaking engagements, corporate events, community gatherings, and more. Even with even small events, there are tons of moving parts and often coordinators find themselves on the verge of being overwhelmed. With Coda Sound, you can count on us to show up and get the job done on time and within budget. Once the event is over, we’ll make sure your mobile stage rental is broken down and packed on a timeline that meets your needs. This way, you’ll have one less thing to worry about and can focus on other tasks.

Building a Better Community With Great Events

Community events make the world a better place. Concerts and festivals add joy and can empower local bands and performers. One of the main goals of Coda Sound is to make sure that our clients and their guests can shine bright in the spotlight with our mobile stage rentals. We accomplish this not just with stages, but with other services as well. With our stage audio services and other offerings, we can put you in a position to succeed. Coda Sound takes great pride in the equipment and skills we’ve assembled. Our clients expect top-notch mobile stages, audio equipment, and other gear. We strive to meet the highest of expectations. Expert maintenance is a must and we work hard to make sure that our stages and other equipment are in good working condition.

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